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UKRATOP Workshop on Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials

4-5 December 2018, IFW Dresden

Tuesday, 4th of December

9:00-10:40 I. Introduction and curvature (chair: Bernd Büchner)

Bernd Büchner: Short UKRATOP overview

Denys Makarov: Exchange-driven chiral effects in curvilinear magnetism: theoretical abstraction or experimental observable

Volodymyr Kravchuk: Topological magnetic solitons as a connecting link between curvature and topology

Kostiantyn Yershov: Dynamics of magnetic domain walls in curvilinear wires

11:10-13:10 II. Theory (chair: Manuel Richter)

Jeroen van den Brink: The axion electromagnetic response of topological insulators

Jorge I. Facio: Looking at electronic phase transitions through Berry phase effects

Ion Cosma Fulga: Localization counteracts decoherence in noisy Floquet topological chains

Sergei Sharapov: Anomalous Hall and Nernst effects in Dirac materials

14:30-16:30 III. Dirac and Weyl semimetals (chair: Sergey Borisenko)

Sai Aswartham: Synthesis and physical properties of some Weyl & Dirac semimetals

Alexander Yaresko: Looking for signatures of Dirac dispersion in optical spectra

Joseph Dufouleur: Inter vs. intra-valley scattering in Weyl nodes and chiral anomaly in WTe2

Yurii Naidyuk: Point-contact spectroscopic study of Weyl semimetals MoTe2 and WTe2

16:50-18:40 IV. Superconductivity (chair: Jörg Fink)

Alexander Kordyuk: Fermi surface topology as a key to high-Tc superconductivity

Christian Hess: Nematic boson in an iron-based superconductor

Tetiana Prikhna: MgB2 wires, bulks and thin films with high superconductive performance: manufacturing, structure, properties and application

Martin von Zimmermann: Charge order in cuprates and high-energy X-rays

Wednesday, 5th of December

9:00-11:00 V. Experiment (chair: Alexander Kordyuk)

Fedir Sizov: THz detectors in some applications

Volodymyr Zabolotnyy: Resonance X-ray reflectivity — a tool to extract valence profiles and atomic scattering factors

Axel Lubk: Surface Plasmons and Axion Electrodynamics on Topoligical Insulators

Volodymyr Karbivskyy: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Cu, Ag and Au Single Layers or Calcium hydroxoapatite: Synthesis, properties and applications

11:30-13:00 VI. Skyrmions (chair: Jorge I. Facio)

Manuel Richter: Chemical Gating of a Weak Topological Insulator: Bi14Rh3I9

Dmytro Inosov: Topological properties of spin-wave excitations in Cu2OSeO3

Markus Garst: Dynamics of topological spin textures in chiral magnets

14:30-16:30 VII. Phase transitions, heterostructures and ARPES (chair: Dmytro Inosov)

Flavio Nogueira: Conformal phase transition in topological insulators and superconductors

Ulrich Rößler: Textures in multisublattice magnetic crystals: recipes for glassy groundstates with little or zero quenched disorder?

Oleg Janson: DFT+DMFT for honeycomb lattices in (111) oxide heterostructures

Sergey Borisenko: ARPES of topological matter

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