logo dn vesnaWe invite schoolchildren, students and anyone who wants to participate in the  Days of Science - 2018 from May 11 (Saturday)  from 11:00 to 16:00 .
The event program provides a series of interesting lectures, presentations, quests and puzzles.

 11:00 - 16:00 Mathematical competitions and quests

You will be able to play math games, addictive Hape games, solve interesting and unusual lotteries, and also participate in the quest. With the participation of the Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems, Lyceum No. 100 "Podil", Lyceum "Scientific Change", Natural Sciences Lyceum № 145, Creative Laboratory "5 NAUK" and Lyceum No. 208.

1 2:00 Fisher O. Application of combinatorial constructions in algebra 

It will be shown how combinatorial structures help in solving algebra problems. For example, some identities will be demonstrated, which can be proved by recounting some objects. The author will show the feedback: how to construct a particular construction using an algebraic approach. For example, the method of coloring all sides and the diagonals of the 16-angles in three colors will be shown so that there is no triangle with sides of the same color.

12:40 Pratsotovyy M. Fractal geometry and fractal analysis

The lecture will present some simple examples of figures and functions with unexpected properties and show how modern methods of fractal geometry and fractal analysis allow us to describe and study such mathematical objects.

13:20 Maksimenko S. Arithmetic and geometric progressions and their application

The lecture will focus on arithmetic and geometric progressions, as well as where we can observe them in everyday life, and how their properties can be used for practical calculations: in construction, for calculating interest on bank deposits, for estimating population growth, and so on.

14:00 Kukharenko O. Biological basis of the production of sparkling wines

Виробництво вина є складним біологічним процесом. Основний етап перетворення виноградного соку у вино пов’язаний з життєдіяльністю дріжджів. Різні види дріжджів та бактерій постійно супроводжують процес виробництва вина і в кінцевому рахунку суттєво впливають на його аромат та смак, тобто якість. Серед усіх інших виноматеріали для ігристих вин мусять відповідати найвищим стандартам якості, оскільки вони проходять повторну ферментацію в закритих резервуарах з метою насичення діоксидом водню (шампанізацію).

14:40 Скороход О. Шаперони: молекули-рятівники від стресу

Chaperoni is a class of proteins that help to "collect" damaged protein molecules or even entire macromolecular complexes. How do chaperones work? How does body cells save on stress factors? What happens when exercise? About all this - let's talk about lectures.

The festival is held within the framework of the Days of Science

Address: Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (3, Tereshchenkivska St., near Teatralna St.)