Popular lectures in Theoretical Physics (Uppsala University and NORDITA)

What are the lectures about?

Professional scientists from Uppsala University and Nordita will review what modern science knows about the fundamental aspects of Nature, using a language that everybody can understand." вставте будь ласка розшифровку NORDITA — "Professional scientists from Uppsala University and NORDITA (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) will review what modern science knows about the fundamental aspects of Nature, using a language that everybody can understand. A cycle of lectures with a different topic each offer you an adventure through all the Nature as we know it: Higgs boson, quarks, nuclei, atoms and molecules, order and chaos, a variety of materials and states of matter, live organisms, light and waves, subluminal travel, gravity, planets, stars, black holes, and evolution of the Universe.


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The lecture  “From waves to quantum light: connecting music to entangled photons” takes place in Uppsala, Ångström laboratory, 20th of May 18h30 (Kyiv time)

Participants must register in either case, Organizers send Zoom link and further details by email.

 Lecturer: Dr. Vitaliy Goryashko

Waves are our main tool to interact with the outside world. We hear sound waves, our ear is a delicate device that decomposes sound into different frequencies. By interpreting them, we enjoy music. Other animals use echolocation to determine their position. We see with our eyes a visible part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. The human eye can distinguish three different colours, some birds can distinguish four, and mantis shrimp can distinguish twelve. Outside of the visible range, we have both high-energetic waves coming for instance from distant pulsars, and low-energetic waves used in microwave ovens and mobile phones. There are also waves of very low energy that travelled 13.6 billion years to reach the Earth and they tell us secrets of the Universe how it was shortly after the Big Bang. People even recently confirmed experimentally the existence of gravitational waves: waves due to fluctuations of space-time geometry.