UKRATOP Days 2020

the German-Ukrainian Scientific Event,
remotely between KAU and IFW Dresden

June 29 - July 2, 2020

We invite all students and scientists interested in Topological Effects in Quantum Materials to join!

To request ZOOM link, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


June 29 - UKRATOP Progress Reports

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June 30 - Virtual IFW lab tours for KAU students

July 1 - 2nd UKRATOP Workshop "Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials"

  • Thermoelectric and thermomagnetic phenomena (popular lecture) - Sergei Sharapov (ITP, KAU)
  • Horizons of the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics: from Quarks to Biophysics - Sergii Perepelytsya (ITP, KAU)
  • Machine learning in physics and KAU - Vitaliy Tymchysin (ITP, KAU)
  • Topological quantum materials for quantum technologies - Alexander Kordyuk (KAU, IMP)
  • Disorder and Topology in WTe2 - Joseph Dufouleur (IFW)
  • Anomalous levitation and annihilation in Floquet topological insulators - Cosma Fulga (IFW)
  • Shape transformations of elastic ferromagnetic systems - Kostiantyn Yershov (ITP, IFW)
  • Machine learning in materials science - Dmitrii Cherniavskii (IFW)
  • Luminescent and scintillation materials for technical and biological applications - Alexander Sorokin (ISMA)
  • Solid state crystal growth of 1111 pnictides - Sabine Wurmehl (IFW) 

July 2 - 3rd UKRATOP Selection Workshop


Photos from the last year Lab Tours:

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IMG 0371This Friday, March 26, join us for a free but important virtual event: the 3rd UKRATOP Workshop on Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials.

From 9:45 to 15:20 the UKRATOP students and postdocs, as well as some invited international researchers will present their recent results. See the Workshop Program for details. 

Join at: with access code: 705102

Also note that the next UKRATOP Selection Workshop is scheduled on May 7, 2021 and will be opend for students and postdocs. 

UKRATOPDays2020We invite all students and scientists interested in Topological Effects in Quantum Materials to join UKRATOP Days 2020 - the German-Ukrainian Scientific Event that will take place remotely between KAU and IFW Dresden during 4 days: June 29 - July 2, 2020

July 2 - 3rd UKRATOP Selection Workshop
Interested? Chek for updates here.

cert4iraThe first six master students who have recently finished their 6 months scholarships at the IFW Dresden have been distinguished with the UKRATOP certificates during the Applied Physics Student School 2019 in Kyiv on April 24. We wish them successful scientific career to fully utilize the obtained experience!

Meanwhile, there is still one day left to apply for the UKRATOP scholarships within the next call, the deadline for which is extended to May 18.