І. Learning by Doing Research Internationally

KAU offers students from foreign universities masters programs in fundamental and applied physics and mathematics, biophysics and molecular physiology, biology etc. Training takes place at the departments located at the leading scientific institutions of the Academy of Science of Ukraine. Students spend a lot of time in the research laboratories of these institutes, where they carry out their research projects under the guidance of leading scientists. There are six departments in KAU:

  • Biophysics and molecular physiology;
  • Applied physics and nanomaterials;
  • Theoretical cybernetics and methods of optimal control;
  • Fundamental problems of general and applied physics;
  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical and mathematical physics.

ІІ. University-to-Enterprise


We bring the best talents to KAU, and the university not only attracts them to interesting research, but also introduces innovative activities in scientific institutes and science-intensive industry into the real world.

For these purposes, there is Academ.City, an innovation platform that brings together leading scientists, entrepreneurs and experts in order to involve the scientific community and academic infrastructure in business processes, as well as promotes the further commercialization of innovation. Residents of Academ.City are startups, small and medium enterprises that work in the fields of radio engineering and data processing systems, biotechnology, metalworking, etc. Academ.City resident status allows startups and companies to enter the professional and scientific community, receive expert support for their further development, promotion and commercialization.

This is the place of integration of research and developments in the R&D departments of enterprises, university research and student research. We walk together and work hard for our dreams.

III. International robotics competitions

On December 11, from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm, Kyiv Academic University will host robotics competitions for schoolchildren– Ukrainian section of the 11th China Robotics Challenge in Shanghai. This is a popular competition in China that involves young Chinese talents. 4 teams from Ukraine, winners of international robotics competitions, will also take part.

As part of the competition, the robot of each team must, in accordance with special rules, transport Lego or other cubes from point A to point B, doing this as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is an online broadcast of the Ukrainian part of the competition. Ukrainian teams compete with each other and within the overall standings of the entire competition.

Unfortunately, due to epidemic restrictions, we are unable to host spectators physically. However, an online broadcast of the competition will be available. We emphasize that due to changes of the quarantine rules, changes in the format of the competition, the time of its holding, etc. are possible. Any new information about the event will appear on the KAU information platforms. Stay tuned.