aug 2021 minregionIn August 2021 Kyiv Academic University received a grant from the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine within the “Ukrainian regional Development Support'' program. This grant gave us the possibility to create the KAU Science and Technology Center, which will be the main developer of the Academ.City Science and Technology Park project.


Ассоциация 19 07 2021On the 19th of July 2021 the solemn ceremony of the establishment of the Association of Academic Cooperation “Academ.City”, The respective Memorandum was signed by the scientific institutions of National Academy of Sciences. The whole ceremoby was hosted by Kyiv Academic University. The Memorandum was signed by the 12 institutes of NAS of Ukraine and KAU in the presence of then Acting President of the NAS of Ukraine Serhii Pirojkov.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and of Kyiv City State Administration were also present at the ceremony. 

july 2021 open air 08.07On the 8th of July 2021 “Academ Open Air” student science fair took place on the territory of Institute of Metal Physics of NAS of Ukraine. Many students, who are interested in innovations and deep-tech developments, gained an opportunity to join student innovation society Bluebox -  the part of Academ.City project . The goal of society is the creation of platform where the students, entrepreneurs and scientists could share their experience, find like-minded people to commercialize ideas and scientific developments together.


PRB 2021New important result within the Multiband project from the Q2RC in collaboration with the Stockholm University has been published yesterday in Phys. Rev. B It is about conscious Fermi-surface engineering of smart Josephson junctions from new superconductors, the elements of future superconducting qubits, based on peculiarities of their electronic structure and topology of superconducting order parameter.  

The full text of the paper can be also downloeded from the author's site.

ID 4 27052021On the 27th of May 2021 KAU welcomed the participants of the 4th KAU Innovation Day “Innovative solutions in energy: areas of cooperation between science and business”. The event was dedicated to breakthrough solutions in energy and aimed at creating the possibilities to transform the innovative research into successful business-projects. KAU Innovation Days provide a comfortable environment for the interaction of Ukrainian science and business, where the technology developers can meet the entrepreneurs and business representatives, acquire new partners and useful contacts, while the Ukrainian business gains the opportunity to learn about the newest scientific developments.  Find more details about the event on its webpage:

15BioWЩорічна Студентська школа з опанування сучасних біофізичних методів, а також поглиблення знань з нейронаук та фізіології. Проходить щороку для студентів 2-4 курсів українських ЗВО. У 2021 році школа за підтримки гранту Neurotwin відбудеться онлайн на платформі Zoom з 26 по 30 квітня. Детальніше