PR NASU QREdUA detailed press release of the Workshop "Quantum research and education in Europe and in Ukraine", which was attended by scientists from Ukraine and 12 other European countries, was published on the website of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. A version with active links can be viewed here.

For students who would like to participate in such research, there is an opportunity to choose educational programs and individual courses both at universities and scientific institutions in Ukraine and at other world resources. The page contains links to reports describing relevant educational programs and courses.

2022 PRB NimyiВітаємо Ігоря Німого, цьогорічного випускника Кафедри теоретичної та математичної фізики КАУ, та його наукових керівників з миттєвим виходом їх останньої статті в Phys. Rev. B Landau level collapse in graphene.... Це дуже цікавий науковий результат та приклад ефективного налагодження міжнародного співробітництва через стажування студентів, в данному випадку за програмою UKRATOP. Бажаємо Ігорю подальших успіхів!

Захист магістерської роботи Ігоря можна переглянути тут: 

RegNowJoin the Workshop on Quantum Research and Education in Ukraine that will be held via Zoom in 27‑28 July 2022.

The goal of the Workshop is to get together people in Ukraine involved/interested in both research and education in the field of quantum technology to exchange their results and discuss ideas of further development of this field in Ukraine and of strengthening international collaboration.

Registration is required as Zoom information will be sent to registrants. 

QTOM MQSTQTEdu invite students of any degree programs from the QTOM network to submit an abstract to give a short online talk presenting their Quantum Technology project or thesis-based research, in the first QTOM-MQST Master’s Symposium

The event will be hosted by ICFO online on Friday 15 July from 14:00 – 16:00.

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Inno team may2022 groupThe Innovation Center KAU team continues working on the development of the Academ.City Science Park project. Such innovation systems require not only the creation of infrastructure to support the scientific activities of research institutes in deep tech but also a thoroughly scientific approach to managing such infrastructure. On May 30, 2022, the project's research coordinator Anastasia Lutsenko presented a new research topic at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, which will study the innovation system resilience and determine the model of the most effective interaction between their elements.


German Ukraine

German Physical Society: Network-meeting for Ukrainian Science Teachers (

Physics teachers from Germany would like to connect with science teachers who had to flee the war in Ukraine. The goal is to build a network for and with Ukrainian teachers and find out how we can help each other (fostered by the German Physical Society (DPG)).


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