If you see Science as your vocation, whether you have thought about a scientific career or not, but like to solve interesting fundamental or applied problems - then you should not waste time, and enter Kyiv Academic University (KAU). Booklet for entrants to the master's degree: turn 1, turn 2.

KAU is a new type of research university focused on attracting students to world-class research. KAU is a state scientific institution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the reorganization of the Physics and Technical Education and Research Center of the NAS of Ukraine (1997-2018), formerly known as the Kyiv branch of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (KB MIPT, 1978-1997).

In short, KAU is:

  • modern high-quality scientific education at “first hand”;
  • “learning by doing research” - immediate involvement of students in research work, which provides an early start to a scientific career; 
  • individual approach to each student - personal support by the supervisor, whom the student can freely choose from among the scientists working in leading Ukrainian / international research laboratories;
  • quick integration into the international research area through joint international projects and foreign internships;
  • dual education in R&D departments of science-intensive and IT companies;

opportunity to combine work in an academic startup with work on a master's project.

The KAU master's degree program is an opportunity not only to immerse oneself in science, but also to apply the skills of innovative activity in everyday life and professional sphere. Thanks to the Innovation Center (https://kau.org.ua/en/science/innovation) - a structural unit of KAU - you will have the opportunity to combine studies with practice in a startup!

Teaching of KAU masters as specialists of the highest qualification is currently carried out in three specialties (and relevant educational and scientific programs that have passed accreditation) and six specializations at six departments at the leading institutes of the NAS of Ukraine:  

Are you Interested? Then be sure to learn more! First of all, we will help you choose an interesting area of research. Whether KAU suits you becomes clear during a professional interview. To make an appointment (interview) - drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the numbers listed on the site kau.org.ua. Those who do not live in Kyiv can be interviewed remotely. All non-resident students are provided with places in the dormitory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (see Google Maps).

Rules of enrollment in the KAU master's program and the date of the enrollment campaign

How to join KAU earlier? See KAU Bachelors and Minor Academic University

Details about KAU are on the website kau.org.ua, on the official Facebook page: @academuniver, or in separate publications:

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