We congratulate the winners of the final Olympiad of the Physics Club for 7 and 8 grade students, which was held at the Faculty of Physics on Sunday, May 26, with the support of KAU!

The Olympiad was attended by 20 participants from both parallels. Students competed in a two-hour round, which was held in five stages. They were offered tasks from the simplest to the most difficult. Thus, students of different levels could test their skills and win a variety of sweet prizes.

Among the 7 grade students, the winners were Pavlo Shehet , Ivan Neduzhyi and Artem Chernii.
Among the 8 grade students, we can congratulate Igor Mahynia, Elyzaveta Goroh and Olexander Lazorenko.


  KV_01                       KV_02                       KV_03                    KV_08