If you are interested in mathematics or its applications in mathematical modeling and computer science, then there is no need to look for opportunities to study abroad. Having received a full education at Kyiv Academic University, you will acquire important skills and easily find a job in the field.

With the support of professors at the Department of Mathematics of the Kyiv Academic University you will receive all the necessary modern and complete knowledge in the chosen field. However, it is up to you to use them successfully for solving mathematical and applied problems, and for your future career in general.

Our educational and scientific programs are designed taking into account the fact that we teach students who have received bachelor's degrees in various fields of knowledge such as mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, software engineering, physics, mechanics. We offer a wide range of elective disciplines from graph theory to quantum computing. The main result of our educational and scientific program is the achievement of a high level in the independent conduct of scientific research. Starting from the first year of study, master's students of the department take a direct part in research work.

Education process is mainly aimed at students who are interested in pursuing a scientific career in the field of modern mathematics and computer science, as well as obtaining in-depth knowledge for further work in ІТ industry or business. The best scientists and lecturers of the Institute of Mathematics, V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems, Institute of Software Systems and other institutions of the NAS of Ukraine as well as leading universities of Ukraine are involved in teaching and scientific work with students. Scientific research work is the dominant component of educational and scientific programs of the department. The students are able to listen to individual lectures and training courses of foreign specialists, to get the first experience of international cooperation, to present reports at international conferences and seminars, and overall, we provide wide opportunities for academic mobility and internships abroad, etc. Everyone will get a chance to work in world-class scientific teams . Kyiv Academic University and Department of Mathematics is the place where the students are cared not only by their scientific supervisors, but also by the entire division of the institution (and in the case of interdisciplinary research, representatives of several institutions).

The Department of Mathematics also proposes additional elective courses in mathematics for undergraduate students ('1st-4th year'). These additional optional courses are open to students from all universities in Ukraine. It is necessary to register for the elective (groups are formed at the beginning of each semester if there is a sufficient number of applicants).

If you would like to attend one or more of our master's courses (within the framework of academic mobility or as an elective), please fill out the application form here and we will contact you.