The Department of Biophysics and Molecular Physiology is the base of the Department of the Kyiv Academic University (KAU) at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The department prepares bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy on contemporary areas of fundamental biophysics, molecular physiology and neurophysiology.

The main areas of research are:
1. biophysical properties of ion channels of cell membranes;
2. heterogeneous expression of ion channels;
3. the mechanisms of regulation of intracellular Ca2+ concentration and calcium signaling in different cell types;
4. thr molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission;
5. research of properties of stem cells;
6. study of polymorphisms of genes;
7. molecular and cellular mechanisms of pain and neurodegenerative diseases;

The following experimental methods are used in the studies: optical (digital, phase-contrast and confocal microscopy), electrophysiological (fixation of potentials and currents by microelectrodes and in the form of a pectin-clamp, ionophoresis), genetic (transfection, infection, site-specific mutagenesis, analysis DNA using PCR), immunohistochemical (using fluorescent confocal microscopy) and mathematical (mathematical modeling and programming, mathematical statistics). The experiments use freshly-isolated cells (neurons, endocrine cells, smooth muscle cells, cardiomyocytes) or cell culture, as well as brain and intact brain cuts.

The department has a collaboration with University College of London (London, UK), University of Iowa (Iowa City, USA), École Polytechnique CNRS (Paris, France), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK) , Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (Porto, Portugal), University of Lille (Lille, France).