The Chair of Biomedicine and Neurosciences of Kyiv Academic University accomplishes a training program leading to the Master Degree in biology (specialty 091). This research and educational program is interdisciplinary with a research work as its main component. The research component is based on the knowledge and experience of researchers as well as infrastructure of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Dobrobut Academy. The program focuses on the study of biological objects in terms of physical and chemical principles of their functioning. Research within the program covers two intersecting areas: the application of physical and chemical approaches and methods to solve biological problems, as well as the development of new research methods. The educational process involves direct participation of students in research in such modern areas of biomedicine and neurosciences as molecular biophysics, molecular pathophysiology, intercellular signalling, optogenetics, sensory signaling etc.

Head of the Department - Prof. Pavel Belan, PhD, Dr. Sci.

Secretary of the Department - Iryna Osadchenko, PhD

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