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One of the main ways of improving the innovative economic climate in Ukraine is the fastest possible development of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose business model is based on science-based technologies. Which in turn implies the close cooperation of science and business and the development of a public-private partnership ecosystem with the involvement of the academic environment on the one hand, and innovative business on the other. As international experience in innovation creation and development indicates, a significant economic effect can only be achieved if the scientific community and the academic infrastructure are involved in the business processes. The marketing, development, consultations, management, creation of sites and conditions for communication and joint scientific activity or custom research, mediation activities thais will promote the commercialization of the developments, inventions and results of scientific investigations. This is a far from complete list of tasks facing Akadem.City.

Also, the main objectives of this project should be an active involvement of the process of creating and disseminating innovation to the most dynamic part of society - students, graduate students and young scientists trying to reach the highest levels in education, career and business.

The experience of combining university and academic science with the business environment, already gained by our German partners at the Adlershof Technopark, gives us hope for the successful launch of this project in Ukraine.


Academ.City Project: (2017) visit of colleagues from the Adlershof Technopark