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Mission. The project is to bring the concept “Open innovation ecosystems as a service” forward academic network startups Ukraine. KAU - is a network University with departments allocated at different research institutes of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Hence, from the early stages of their education, students (PhD students) will be involved in the research process. Moreover, they will have access to research infrastructure of their home institute and Centers of Equipment of NASU as well as to the expertise of more experienced scientists.

Tasks. Support and promotion of value-added chains due to smart and purposeful opening of innovative processes using research and innovation tools:

1) incubation and acceleration programs for start-ups;

2) joint scientific and technical projects of the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, universities, industry of state and municipal bodies.

Status. StartUps Lab KAU is a unit of KAU Innovation Center. It deals directly with the support of research and innovation activities of students and young scientists. Moreover, the Laboratory will provide an incubation and acceleration programs for the development of young scientists projects. 

Experience. KAU Innovation Center has already a positive experience of cooperation with European and Ukrainian partners. In particular, - organization of a joint German-Ukrainian Life Science Entrepreneurship Summer School (Berlin, Germany) at the Campus Berlin-Buch (2017); participation as a Partner in Startup Hub Poland (2017) and presentation of science-intensive developments of young scientists. KAU Innovation Center participates as a partner in the common Polish-Ukrainian project ‘The development of IoT clusters collaboration’. Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (AIAU), ‘IoT cluster’ of Poland and Lublin Science and Technology Park are main participants of this project that is funded in the EU’s EaP Plus program and has as objectives large exchanges and the development of common agenda in development of IoT cluster.


1) the office for Academic Startups Support;

2) technology transfer office;

3) innovative coworking: premises for seminars, training workshops, trainings, placement of project teams.

Services for students.

StartUps Lab KAU offer a lot of services and opportunities for students, PhD students and young scientists, who have or even prototypes:

  • participation in trainings and events of the Innovation Center;
  • participation in acceleration programs;
  • participation in the business incubator;
  • help with finding a scientific supervisors and mentors from business and industries;
  • scientific advising, scientific management, consulting and expertise;
  • participation in contests from Innovation Center and Partners;
  • search for potentially interested Investors and Participants;
  • digital scientific support.

Also the status of KAU in NASU allows engaging into the startup’s teams the students and/or postgraduates from other institutions of the National Academy of Sciences. This will permit to development interdisciplinary projects.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

 Центр інновацій є структурним підрозділом КАУ, базою для залучення студентів, аспірантів та молодших наукових співробітників з прикладних спеціальностей до інноваційної діяльності. На базі цього Центру студенти та аспіранти отримують досвід доведення прикладних досліджень до інноваційного рівня. Більш детальну інформацію про поточну діяльність Центру інновацій можна переглянути за посиланням.

Адреса: бул. Вернадського 36, Київ 03142, Україна
Web-сторінка: http://kau.org.ua/centers/innovation
Контактна особа: Боровська Олена Геннадіївна
Тел.: +38 067 401 03 61
E-mail: incenterKAU@gmail.com